miércoles, noviembre 09, 2011

A lot of news!!!!!!

All People have secrets. Some people keep secrets better than others, some people never drop clues that they keep a secret. There are secrets that deserve to be told, and others should never be spoken.

And there are open secrets, which we tell loudly. This post is one of those secrets that with your help won't be longer a secret...

In so many words, this post is to tell you since December first, some words leave “Soledades” and turn into a paper.

This secret is becoming too heavy for me. Several years of work to make this first book, at which the paper, the skin and the word are intertwined and fold each other, in a dance to the rhythm of the others.

And it could not be otherwise, the release of this book will not be a traditional affair.

On November 11th, this month, starting at 11 and 11 am, Colombian time, the presale begins.

It will be an unusual presale. From an edition of 100 books, the 50 first it will be sold through these “Soledades”.

How? In the post to be published on 11.11.11, at 11:11 a.m, I´ll receive orders for the book. In exact order, numbered one by one, the first 50 people to make a comment will have the right to buy a book.

These books will be signed and numbered in order to the new owner this convinced the new owner has a piece that comes out of the ordinary.

Here are some details of the book ...

  • 150 pages, with a comprehensive design full of details.
  • 8.5 * 11, letter size. That's the size of each page, allowing this book to be seen, to be put on the coffee table, to be taken out from a library and show that books can also be beautiful.
  • An adult book, and that's reflected in its 18 models, with step by step instructions to be followed by folders. Animals busts, birds, conceptual figures, women, mythological figures are included ... there´s too much to be folded!
  • and speaking about reaching maturity: 22 is the number of full color photographs in the book. There are 18 step by step detailed models, and 4 of them are an invitation to follow your creative spirit. (Who knows, maybe in a few months also these models will feature diagrams. And if so, those who have the book will be the first to receive them)
  • Words, too many words. Some of them tell stories that accompany each work, others that talk about this art among folds, and others ... Well, we must read to get lost in them.

On the other side of the story....

I will wait till tomorrow to report the cost of the book, but what I can inform today is its shipping costs.

The agencies offering the cheapest shipping costs are national postal services. Their prices can be viewed at the following website.

Data taken from
http://4-72, com.co/files/normal2011.jpg 

The weight of the book is between 1500 and 2000 grams, which will lead to an approximate cost of COP $ 86,900 pesos, or USD $ 45.

It is not fair that sending the book is more expensive than buying it, but it’s something that is sadly out of my control.

All I can say is that, despite the international cost, I am convinced that it is a worthwhile book.

At the end I would invite everyone to spread this information and ask a question...

Are you ready?