viernes, noviembre 11, 2011

Good things come to those who wait

In a couple of hours, is 11:11... And, theoretically, at 11:11 begins the book pre-sale. But between theory and reality there are differences.

At 11:11 Colombian time, these “Soledades” will have a new post, but there´s an issue about the book that I need to tell you.

 To my dismay, I can´t publish the cost of the book before this time. Several drawbacks with this first edition have made the price is still an enigma, even to me. So maybe, tomorrow at 11:11 hours, we´ll take a list of preferred contacts but a pre-sale.

That is, those 50 people will receive an email with the costs as soon as I have them, those will be able to say "yes, I will buy it" or "yes, I´ll buy it later." My apologies for not being able to give that information yet. It must be that life wants to convince us all that " Good things come to those who wait...."

2 comentarios :

Alexander Oliveros Avila dijo...

hola daniel hespero estar a tiempo para hacer la peticion , en nombre mio y de andres sanchez que en este momento esta trabajando lejos de un puerto de internet asi que espero valga por dos.
un gran saludo y la mejor de las suertes; Alexander Oliveros Avila
un origamista mas...

Daniel Naranjo dijo...

alexander, el comentario iba en la siguiente entrada, jejeje.. Pero no te preocupes, que te paso para esa.